Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to my world

Isn't it funny how you think you can be inlove with a person, not just for a week or a month but i mean years, and years, and they never show you the same affection. now thats fine the heart wants what the heart wants, but after all that you find and old photo (or in my case it was a recent facebook picture upload) and u just stare at it and see an entirely different person than the one you were inlove with. he/she isn't and never was the person u loved. u loved the idea of a wonderful romantic relationship. how does our brains and hearts play tricks on us like that? are we so lonely that we are willing to give our hearts to the wrong person because "mr. right" didn't get there in time? i don't know about the rest of u but my patients is running thin. i don't want to be the girl home alone on a friday night scribling in her diary, or singing whiney chick songs with her guitar, but i don't want to be the single teen mom who got knocked up by some random guy in the piggly wiggly parking lot. (no offence to the employers and employees of the piggly wiggly franchise) but what is a girl to do? can u meet in the middle? am i supposed to wait around and be lonely or do i run around with guys i'm not inlove with just so i can feel some kind of affection?